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About Us

THE CRAGUNS are a dynamic, family group, comprised of husband and wife, Jordan and Elena Cragun, Ray Cragun (Jordan’s Father) and Savannah Cragun (Jordan’s Sister). Jordan has been singing professionally since 2008. Ray was a pastor for over 25 years, but in 2013 God led the family together, to embark on this musical journey.  Since that time, The Craguns have become known as one of the most talented, young groups in the country. The Craguns have quickly become a national touring group, touring from coast to coast and different parts of the world, on a full-time basis. They have been honored to perform to millions of people in some of the largest venues, on some of the largest radio stations and television shows in gospel music... The National Quartet Convention (Main Stage), The Blue Gate Theater, Silver Dollar City and Daystar Television, just to name a few. 

At a Craguns concert you can expect to laugh, be challenged and leave encouraged! The Cragun Family is absolutely committed to effectively ministering the Gospel through song. They will do this through Spirit filled, Christ honoring, musical excellence for people of all ages. You are invited to a concert near you! You will quickly realize why The Cragun name has become synonymous with great gospel music!

What others are saying

I am honored to recommend this great new gospel music group, “The Craguns.” Jordan Cragun, the owner of the group, is a passionate Christian man who has music flowing through his veins. He comes from a large musical family (Nephew to The Collingsworths) and his commitment to excellence and deep spiritual impact are second to none. Jordan’s wife (Elena) and first cousin (Nick Adams) have formed a unique blend of harmony and power. Jordan’s father (Ray Cragun) provides a great foundation as one of the smoothest and most beautiful bass singers in the country. You will be amazed when you hear Ray’s natural bass voice.

As a senior pastor I was always looking for quality groups that were affordable to our church. I encourage you to get in on the ground floor with this new group. The people attending your church or event will be greatly touched and ministered to by “The Craguns.”

Jeff Keaton
Founder, Chairman & CEO, Renewanation.org
Author, “The Life of Radical Faith”

  What a privilege to endorse "the Craguns" and their professional and classy presentation. You will immediately witness an excellent music experience with a family that takes the ministry calling and "service rendered to God "to the highest level with attention to detail. The Gospel message is clear, and the talents are only exceeded by their desire to encourage the Saints and present the Gospel message to the lost. I am so excited that the music that so many love, continues through this young and gifted group.

Royce Mitchell
Founding Member, Liberty Quartet

  Savannah Cragun is the youngest of the six Cragun children. Savannah is a very talented lady. Aside from her smooth alto voice, she is an incredible baker and cake decorator. She is also an amazing artist and spends her spare time drawing beautiful portraits and pictures that she sells to people all over the country. Savannah could not be happier to travel the country and make music with her family!

  Elena Cragun was born and raised in the Hobe Sound, Florida area. Elena grew up in a pastor's home, where she and her two sisters often sang together at church services, camp meetings and other special events. She also traveled and sang all over the states with a trio during her first two years of college. After marrying Jordan in 2009 and moving to Nampa, Idaho, Elena was a part of the music program at Grace Bible Church where she both sang in and led the choir, as well as served on the worship team and coordinated the special music. Elena also graduated in 2009, with a degree in Psychology and worked as a Psychosocial Therapist for about 5 years. In 2013 she resigned her position in the mental health field and started touring full time. Elena has a huge heart for people and is thankful for the opportunity to work hand in hand with her husband, Jordan Cragun as they minister together. Elena and Jordan are also the proud parents of two beautiful children Scarlett and Grant, and love touring the country together, as a family.

  Jordan Cragun was born in Indianapolis, Indiana but was raised in Ponchatoula, Louisiana, where his father (Ray) pastored. Jordan has a degree in pastoral ministry but his number one desire, since the age of two, has been music and sharing the Gospel in song. Jordan got his start in Gospel music at the age of eighteen when he started traveling with his college quartet. In 2008, Jordan received a call to tryout with the Boise based, Liberty Quartet. He accepted the baritone position and traveled all over North America for over four years. During his time with Liberty, Jordan was privileged to sing on some of the largest stages in Gospel music and share those stages with some of the biggest names in Gospel music. It was those experiences and opportunities that opened the doors enabling him to fulfill his lifelong dream of starting this group and ministering with his family. In 2013 God made that dream a reality. Jordan is passionate about God and music and loves touring the country with his family.

  Ray Cragun was born and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana. He is married to Victoria Cragun and together they have six children. Ray was a pastor for over 25 years. Twenty of those years were spent at a church in Ponchatoula, Louisiana. Although he has been a pastor for most of his life, Ray is no stranger to Gospel music. Before entering the pastorate, Ray traveled with a group called Celebration. While traveling with Celebration, he had the privilege of performing hundreds of times to audiences all over America, sharing the platform with groups such as the Cathedrals, Blackwood Brothers and many others. Through the years, Ray has turned down numerous musical opportunities feeling God wanted him to remain in the pastorate; until 2013. It was then that God allowed a lifelong dream to become a reality... Singing and touring with his Family!